Salsa is great for Mental Health

Most of us know that if you take part in exercise it can boost your mood and overall wellbeing not only does it make you feel good, but it releases endorphins, the natural chemicals in the body that beat stress and improve our happiness.

Well now researchers in Sweden have confirmed that dance is a mood boosting activity and can directly improve our mental health.
Dance improves your heart health, overall muscle strength, balance and coordination, and reduces depression. These benefits have been seen across a variety of ages and demographics.
The researchers studied more than 100 teenage girls who were struggling with issues like depression and anxiety. Half of the girls attended weekly dance classes, while the other half didn’t. The results showed the girls who took the dance classes improved their mental health and reported a boost in their mood.
These positive effects lasted for up to eight months after the activity ended, so it also has a long term effect. The researchers concluded therefore that salsa can kickstart healthy habits.
This isn't only beneficial for teens. Another study in America found that senior citizens aged between 65 and 90 can improve not only their mood but also their cognitive skills, demonstrating beneficial effects for those who may be suffering from confusion, impaired memory and early onset dementia. Dance lessons also improved overall strength and mobility.
So, if you live in the Leeds area of Yorkshire and are suffering from depression, isolation, stress or any mental health condition and want to improve your overall health & wellbeing, why not come along and give salsa a go.